BioCancell branding 

GOAL: Support Biocancell's move into the us market

A main focus of this project was to support BioCanCell as they look to raise funds for their move into the US market. A large component of this was helping to tell their story through a corporate presentation and templates. This project included an incremental refresh of the brand logo and colors, no other branding existed. Updates to the logo, color palette, PC safe fonts, and website were all explored. The main audience of this work are primarily physicians and investors presented to by the BioCanCell’s CEO. The updated brand would later be applied towards a more public audience. To avoid loosing brand equity, an updated type treatment was applied to the name to highlight their work with cells and genetic therapy. A lighter update to the mark was selected, emphasizing and calling out the C within the larger “cell” holding shape. 

Role: Designer, UI/UX, AD. Work completed while at Hartford Design.