Joyful Noise Music School Rebranding 


GOAL: Rebrand a non-profit and develop a new set of brand guidelines

Through a series of research planning, objective-setting, conceptualizing, audience-testing, a brand identity guide was developed for Joyful Noise Music School, a non-profit organization located in Cleveland, Ohio. A visual mark was created with an accompanying icon system and suggested applications. 

INITIAL RESEARCH— auditing the existing Joyful Noise system, exploring competitors, and similar organizations. 

PRELIMINARY SKETCHES—  Ideations based on expression of the organization and exploring various identifiers that tie into the idea of music. 

REDEFINING A DIRECTION— Exploring marks that utilize a stylized 'J' as an identifier. Along with forms that relate to identifiable elements of music. 

CONSTRUCTION OF FINAL MARK— Music has the unique aspect of being both expressive and disciplined. The form and counter form used to create a unique 'J' captures the rhythm and movement experienced by music. Simultaneously, the mark is bold and structured reflecting stability and support which donors and parents look for in deciding if a child will benefit from a nonprofit program. 

AUDIENCE TESTING— Audience testing was done on an initial draft of the mark looking to see if the feedback met the tone words of rhythmic, structured, established, inviting and energetic. 

VISUAL MARK VARIATIONS— The final mark will appear as a one-color system to keep the balance between the form and counter form. 

FINAL BOOK— Branding guide for the new identification system for Joyful Noise Music School. 

Role: Designer.