About Sublocal
The being a cultural hub with something for everyone is what draws millions of people into cities. Many of these people use the subway as a means of transportation. Riders cover large demographic pools and ride for many reasons whether they are a commuter, tourist, weekender or city dweller. An individual’s interest and visual cues are top factors that drive spontaneous discovery but when on the subway key visibility of the city is lost and the time spent riding is often under utilized.

Sublocal takes advantage of time spent on the subway to reconnect people to the city above based on interests and location. The mobile application guides the in-train experience and street level interactions to create memorable discoveries. The Mobile Application is the heart of the system experience. It supports information gathering, organizing and viewing. At the train level, the environmental elements help to track progress, encourage exploration, sharing, and discussion with other riders. Environmental pieces on the street engage users who are on route to a destination or happen to find by chance.


Thesis Exhibition
Part of a year long project divided in two phases, research and creation. 

Extensive research using design methods, including interviews and surveys, were conducted to understand the problem space and user. Goals, behaviors, attitudes and actions of the current users and potential new users were assessed and used as insights to drive the design process and find opportunities in the current system. 

During the design creation phase, concepts were developed and supported from user research. Concepts were developed to include naming, branding, visual language, and creation of system.

Project Components:
Mobile application
Train and street level environmental elements
Sytem video
Exhibition presentation board

Sublocal knowledge share cards — At the show visitors were asked to share their local knowledge by writing a favorite spot to hang out or an interesting, recent visit and the location to trade with another visitor to spark discussion and entice exploration.