United Polaris Louges-Branding 

Goal:  Building on the concept to be uniquely United while embracing the energy of the local market and the destinations served.

In consecutive months, San Francisco, Newark, and Houston joined Chicago in the lineup of Polaris lounges. These new spaces provide a premium and dedicated facility for customers traveling in United Polaris business class and build on the brand’s promise to offer an industry-leading lounge-to-landing experience for international long-haul business class customers.

Branding Overview-
The lounges have distinct flares throughout, from décor to food. This local touch was expended into the development of unique branding for each club. A mark was developed along with a pattern inspired by the cultural reach these routes provide.

San Francisco- Asia, wave and fluidity of water
Newark- Europe, architecture and stained glass
Houston- South America, patterned tiles

A bar and dining menu for the full service dining room, the first of it's kind, were a large part of this project along with various materials to support the openings and expanding the experience on a day-to-day level. Some items included a lounge map with highlighted quick-facts, bar decals showcasing unique cocktails, signage and projector screens to showcase notable elements throughout the club, a 1-page menu, social media posts, kids menu, buffet cards and survey slips.

Role: Lead designer/AD, production. Work completed while at United Airlines.